“I’m too busy with wedding preparations to have a stag-do”, I said.

“I’m not into pubs and drinking and bar crawls like standard stag-dos”, I moaned.

“I don’t have a set group of male friends I’d want to come either”, I complained.

And then I set about planning a stag-do that I really wanted to go to… the Snowdon Summit Shuffe Stag-Do!

And so it was on the weekend of 15th June 2019 a motley crew of Ben-lookalikes, vikings and golfers shuffled and shimmied their way up England and Wales’ highest mountain, all the while raising some pennies for Anti-Slavery International.

Assembling for the ascent: can you spot who’s me?

Everything came together perfectly for what was a seriously fun micro-adventure… The heavens roared and poured around us on the journey up, the night before and afterwards, but the clouds and skies parted for our ascent to leave us in awe of the magical views from all the way up and down the mountain; everyone arrived in awesome fancy dress… not least my nephews, wife and monther-, brother- and sister-in-law who all dressed up as my alter-ego Planet Prancer! And I was seriously out of shape having not trained all year but somehow managed to haul myself and a huge boombox up to the summit, dancing and prancing every step of the way.

Foxtrotting through the foothills
Taking in the view
Solo shuffling (with a disapproving Raffy looking on)
Just about the best (but pretty awful) group photo we have at the top!

It was freezing (but heaving) at the top and nothing was going to stop us having a dance together once we’d got there. Brilliant times.

My better half
Magic Mike and I at the bottom

More than anything I loved finally getting to do a prancing adventure with my (soon to be) new family – up until that mountain I’d not pranced in public with my wife and her entourage but this sure did set that record straight.

Massive thanks to everyone who came along for the fun – Trishna, Mum, Dad, Katherine, Michael, Jasper, Leo, Max, Raffy, Finn, Maa, Brijesh, Sarita, Mike, Jeremy, Suguna, Mark, Becka, Lizzie, Beth and Andy. What a team!