Yesterday on my rest day my dad said my site was down and he’d been unable to check in with my progress like usual via With little time to investigate, this carried on for a few more dancing days before I had to sort it – after all, the website is THE place where people can find me, follow my progress, learn about my story and ultimately make a donation to Anti-Slavery International in support of my flailing dance moves. Wuithout it, my prancing project was pointless.

But that’s when the horror show started. I got in touch with my hosting provider who said they’d chck it out. The response was, as I informed them, devastating. They had deleted the server upon which my website sat – having forgotten it was there, apparently.

Even worse, I hadn’t (as I should have) backed things up. And so my site – and all the blog posts, pages and stories I’d created and reported over the last eight years – are no more.

I have some stuff in word files scattered around my computer but it’s going to take time to piece everything back together bit by bit. Until then I’ve asked that same hosting company to get a one-page site up and running ASAP so my prancing progress can be public and we manage to get all the more people taking the extra step to donate in support of Anti-Slavery International. This is what I’ve mocked up to get online ASAP – thanks for bearing with me until it’s up and running: